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Troubleshooting Steps

Sometimes you will run into problems with NorthWatch, here are some basic troubleshooting steps you should go through before asking for help.

It is important to note that ~80% of forum posts created with verious issues are client-side, so your issue is probably due to a local issue, not an issue on our end.

  • Try another browser - Simply download and use another browser. We would suggest Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
  • Clear your cache - Go to your browser settings, and clear your cache. This is often bundled with clearing browsing history.
  • Clear your cookies - On Chrome and Firefox, you can clear you cookies and site data simply by clicking the lock icon next to the URL bar, clicking “Cookies”, and selecting the hostnames, then clicking “Clear”. Make sure to select ALL hostnames that appear.
  • (Don’t) use a VPN - Enabling or Disabling your VPN will often help you go around VPN DNS caching problems, and may help solve your issue. You may also want to switch server regions to a server that is up, since it takes a couple minutes for traffic to start being routed away from servers when they go down. You can always check our status page for more details.
  • Restart your browser and computer - This fixes a lot of common RAM-related issues, so if the issue is browser-based, this might help.
  • Get a friend to try it - Get a friend to try it. A lot of problems can be “confirmed” if you can get a friend to reproduce it. If you can specifically find the thing that causes the bug(s) to be reproducable, it makes it easier for support to help you out.

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