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The NorthWatch forums allow you to communicate with the developers of NorthWatch and other users. You can use the forums to provide suggestions and feedback, voice your opinion, and more! Here are some basic things you should know about the forums!

Setting a Forum Username

Creating Forum Post and Replies

Here is how you can create a post on the NorthWatch forums, and how you can reply to posts created by other users!

Creating Forum Posts

You can create a new Forum Post by clicking “New Post” at the top of the forum homepage. You can then set a Title and Body for your post, along with a Category. You can also set if the post is a moderator message. The first two are just the Title that other users will see, and the body is just the contents of your post. Learn about moderator messages and categories below:

Moderator Messages

Moderator messages let you contact the moderators. Use this for anything that you would like to go directly to the moderators and developers. Things like reporting users, responsible bug disclosure, etc.


When you create a post, you can select from one of a few categories. The post category is shown in brackets before the post name everywhere on the forums.

Creating Forum Replies

You can reply to a forum post by clicking on the post and going to the post’s view page, and scrolling to the bottom of the page. There is a card that should have a text box where you can reply.

Ocasionally, you won’t be able to reply to a post. This can be for a number of reasons, and it is displayed on the card as a banner.

Post and Reply Approval Process

To prevent spam and abuse, new forum users have to go through an approval process for all their replies and posts. The approval process means that the replies and posts are checked by moderators and admins before they are shown publically. You can tell if your post is under review, because a banner will show up on your post explaining what is happening. The moderators and admins try to approve (or deny) posts within 48 hours, but it may take longer.

Reporting Content

Sometimes you might see something that you don’t like, or that violates the rules, on the NorthWatch forums. If you see content that you feel shouldn’t be there, click the Report button under the post or reply. If you don’t see a report button, the post is already under review and you don’t need to do anything. If the content needs to be removed immediately, send a moderator message in and we may be able to remove it faster.

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